Monday, June 03, 2013

Can You Escape Level 2 Answer Solutions

This walkthrough tutorial shows you one way to Can You Escape Level 2 answer, Please see This method you can use and it’s easy!

* Can You Escape Level 2 Answer Solutions
To Open the doors, at this level, You Enter 1915 to took the key.
* Please follow the instructions below:
- find 493 numbers by pressing the white deck of cards on the table.
- change the combination to 493 (open wooden case on the ground)
- Take the white button by pressing the handle cases and it will open.
- Put the button on the taps
- turn on the tap to fill green vases under
- Take the key and open the cupboard above the vase of white and pink small.
- to open the doors, you grab and Use the keycard on the keycard slot to the left of the elevators