Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pictoo Answers Cheats Walkthrough

Pictoo is another amazing identify the icon game with many categories, I love it and the game is refreshing compared to all the icon games out there. This game is developed by Aidem Media and available only for IOS at present. I do see the disappointment in the face of Android users but this is how it is, they test with IOS first and once the app does well they port it to Android. You can find answers to all levels of Pictoo here.
pictoo answers
Level 1 – Red body with small face – Pig (Animal)
Level 2 – Green face with long ears – Yoda (Character)
Level 3 – Black face with bat like ears – Batman (Character)
Level 4 – Blue face with green eyes – Avatar (Tv & Movie)
Level 5 – Random wave like design in blue color with a hook – Fishing (Hobby)
Level 6 – Blue sparrow / bird – Twitter (Brand)

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