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What's the Saying? All Levels Answers cheats 1-150 Walkthrough Guide ---> Ce7.OrG

Are you looking for help with level 1-150 of What’s the Saying by Cheat Master and Friends Word Cheat? We’ve completed these levels for you, and below you’ll find all the answers for these 150 levels.
The game is currently available for iPhone and iPads on iTunes.
It seems these levels are random from device to device. That’s why we compiled this list with hints on what we saw on the images next to the answers. That way you can scroll down the list to find for example the image of a hole in the number one and find the answer to be “Hole in one”.
If you’re on your computer you can search the site for what you see on the image, for example “moon” and find all the answers with that picture/answer.
To search simply do this:
PC: Ctrl + f
Mac: Cmd + f

What’s the Saying level 1-30 Help and Cheats
Level 1 Word asleep falling = Falling asleep
Level 2 An eye under “stand” = I understand
Level 3 The word step backwards = Step back
Level 4 Ez as “pi” = Easy as pie
Level 5 Foot in the door
Level 6 A man standing on the moon = Man on the moon
Level 7 Then number 4 inside the word stance = For instance
Level 8 “At + Birth” with huge space between = Separated at birth
Level 9 The word Banana split in the middle = Banana split
Level 10 A finger pointing at a black “Jack card” = Blackjack
Level 11 A penguin on an iceberg = Tip of the iceberg
Level 12 Number one inside a blue moon = Once in a blue moon
Level 13 The word stitch in a cross form = Cross stitch
Level 14 A finger pointing on the word “Board” in white = Whiteboard
Level 15 A hourglass inside a black house = Time is up
Level 16 A hole in the number one = Hole in one
Level 17 The word overs spelled three times = Left overs
Level 18 A finger pointing on a black square and the word room = Dark room
Level 19 A play button next to two words saying nothing = Next to nothing
Level 20 A finger pointing at a dog = Top dog
Level 21 The word rough with a diamond in the middle = Diamond in the rough
Level 22 A white elephant = White Elephant
Level 23 Pants spelled twice = Pair of pants
Level 24 A list of the word bucket spelled four times = Bucket list
Level 25 Mount + x10 = Mountain
Level 26 A man walking in the middle of the word park = Walk in the park
Level 27 The word space outside a box = Outer space
Level 28 A boy playing on top of “words” = Play on words
Level 29 4 of the same symbol = Barbershop quartet
Level 30 The word root spelled in a square = Square root
Level 31-45 Solutions
Level 31 The word economy = Growing economy
Level 32 4 times it + a green light = Go for it
Level 33 A finger pointing at sea (black) = Black sea
Level 34 Four times give and four times get = Forgive and forget
Level 35 4 times “All” + 0.00 dollars = Free for all 
Level 36 A man thinking + a box =  Think outside the box
Level 37 History spelled 4 times = History repeats itself
Level 38 A red box + the number 3 = ice cube
Level 39 Dog + 14th of january + PM =  Dog day afternoon
Level 40 Heart + 2 below it = Half hearted
Level 41 “I’m” with “U” below it = I am bigger than you
Level 42 Ages spelled 3 times and an arrow on the middle one = Middle ages
Level 43 A globe between two hands = The world in my hands
Level 44 The word sun spelled upwards = Sunrise
Level 45 The word order spelled on a basketball court = Order in the court

What’s the Saying Level 46-60 Cheats
Level 46 50% discount + settle + save $$$ Settle for less
Level 47 After me spelled three times Repeat after me
Level 48 A cat sleeping on top of the word job Sleeping on the job
Level 49 Words ten, bad, tions Bad intentions
Level 50 Stormclouds above a cartoon figure that’s singing Singing in the rain
Level 51 Three 1′s in the middle of the word while Once in a while
Level 52 The word travel above: bering, red and caspian Travel overseas
Level 53 The word evaletor Elevator out of order
Level 54 Feedback spelled backwards Feedback
Level 55 Cheek, tooth and eye with mark at tooth Toothpick
Level 56 U just me Just between you and me
Level 57 The word pour inside an arrow pointing down Downpour
Level 58 Tickled spelled in pink Tickled pink
Level 59 KKK spelled in three rows – 9 k’s Canine (Thanks to Gg)
Level 60  Flight Flight inside a white cloud Connecting flights

What’s the Saying Level 61-80 Cheats
What’s the saying level 61 answer: Tr + “iPod” = Tripod
What’s the saying level 62 answer: Two inside a square of four 10′s = Too intense
What’s the saying level 63 answer: Va_ders = Space invaders
What’s the answer level 64 answer: Arrow pointing at a red “Secret” = Top secret
What’s the saying level 65 answer: A key on a chess board = Keyboard
What’s the saying level 66 answer: C i ii = See eye to eye
What’s the saying level 67 answer: Feet spelled in a square = Square feet
What’s the answer level 68 answer: Flu good ence = Good influence
What’s the saying level 69 answer: ten times ure = Tenure
What’s the saying level 70 answer: Finger pointing at the G in night = In the middle of the night
What’s the saying level 71 answer: For You on a table with You falling off it = Falling for you
What’s the answer level 72 answer: x qqqq me = Excuse me
What’s the saying level 73 answer: Seat spelled backward = Backseat
What’s the saying level 74 answer: Friend and need = A friend in need
What’s the answer level 75 answer: Star spelled in green downwards = Falling star
What’s the saying level 76 answer: Check spelled like a cross = Crosscheck
What’s the saying level 77 answer: A mermaid inside the chinese flag = Made in china
What’s the answer level 78 answer: 1xAll and 4xOne above the line and 4xAll and 1x One below = All for one and one for all
What’s the saying level 79 answer: 00012345 a clock and books = Counter Clockwise
What’s the saying level 80 answer: Sit pointing down and shut pointing up = Sit down and shut up
What’s the Saying Level 81-95 Cheats
What’s the saying level 81 answer: Two green hands in a weight = Heavy handed
What’s the saying level 82 answer: A green ace card = Greencard
What’s the saying level 83 answer: 7q + 3q = Thank you
What’s the saying level 84 answer: Day with a line under y = End of the day
What’s the saying level 85 answer: Important = Important = Equally important
What’s the saying level 86 answer: Gravity with line under v = Center of gravity
What’s the saying level 87 answer: Lem over aid = Lemonade
What’s the saying level 88 answer: Once in an arrow above time = Once upon a time
What’s the saying level 89 answer: Spin spelled backwards = Backspin
What’s the saying level 90 answer: A mans head + a sign with a car falling into the water + to high heeled shoes = Head over heels
What’s the saying level 91 answer: Hand shake and two times shuffle = Shake to shuffle
What’s the saying level 92 answer: Horse spelled backwards and riding below = Horseback riding
What’s the saying level 93 answer: Solution solution = Resolution
What’s the saying level 94 answer: A red diamond + a blue circle = Diamond ring
What’s the saying level 95 answer: R + R = Summer Thanks to fleamarie

What’s the Saying Level 96-110 Cheats What’s the Saying level 96 answer: Hey Hay = Purple Haze
What’s the Saying level 97 answer: Bucket with a water drop in the middle = A drop in the bucket
What’s the Saying level 98 answer: Two people dancing below rain and thunder clouds = Dancing in the rain
What’s the Saying level 99 answer: Attention and line under the “n” = Center of attention
What’s the Saying level 100 answer: A bee inside the word spired = Be inspired
What’s the Saying level 101 answer: Meta spelled four times = Metaphor
What’s the Saying level 102 answer: Sight spelled 3 times in a list, and a heart outside the first one = Love at first sight
What’s the Saying level 103 answer: No x qqqq = No excuse
What’s the Saying level 104 answer: A stick man thinking BBBB and another one talking = Think before you speak
What’s the Saying level 105 answer: A cops hat under the word cover = Undercover cop
What’s the Saying level 106 answer: Ten good tions = Good intentions
What’s the Saying level 107 answer: A grey brain and a chemical periodic table = Mind over matter
What’s the Saying level 108 answer: Inside spelled outside a box = Inside out
What’s the Saying level 109 answer: A man standing on the world = On top of the world
What’s the Saying level 110 answer: A red “E” next to 4 x “Anything” = Ready for anything
What’s the Saying Level 111-120 Cheats
What’s the Saying level 111 answer: Lover spelled in a cross on a yellow star = Star crossed lovers
What’s the Saying level 112 answer: Four bees, a paddle and a knot = To be or not to be
What’s the Saying level 113 answer: A woman laying down = Woman on the side
What’s the Saying level 114 answer: Vice + Vice = Advice
What’s the Saying level 115 answer: A man inside a box = Inside man
What’s the Saying level 116 answer: A purple dice and a green dice = Paradise
What’s the Saying level 117 answer: Time with the e spelled in red = Ready in time
What’s the Saying level 118 answer: Feet and film with feet marked = Feature film
What’s the Saying level 119 answer: U 111 = Someone is behind you
What’s the Saying level 120 answer: Fair spelled inside a black box = Fair and square

What’s the Saying Level 121-130 Cheats
What’s the Saying level 121 answer: Point spelled in colors that fades = Vanishing point
What’s the Saying level 122 answer: Zero above; PhD, MD, BS, MBA, BA = Five degrees below zero
What’s the Saying level 123 answer: Moon spelled upwards from left to right = Moonrise
What’s the Saying level 124 answer: Touch spelled upwards = Touch up
What’s the Saying level 125 answer: Two docks in the water with something attached to them = Paradox
What’s the Saying level 126 answer: W A L K spelled around a Lego block = Walk around the block
What’s the Saying level 127 answer: W A L K spelled around “Town” = Walk around town
What’s the Saying level 128 answer: A rose inside a golden ring = Ring around the rosie
What’s the Saying level 129 answer: A group of people on top of the word “empty” = Running on empty
What’s the Saying level 130 answer: Four “E’s” around a red “E” = Ready for more

What’s the Saying Level 131-150 Cheats
What’s the Saying level 131 answer: Bride and groom + bride and groom = Summary
What’s the Saying level 132 answer: Vit_min = Vitamin a deficiency
What’s the Saying level 133 answer: 11111111 above a clock = Once upon a time
What’s the Saying level 134 answer: 2 inside the O of One = Two in one
What’s the Saying level 135 answer: A man above a chess board = Man overboard
What’s the Saying level 136 answer: A note and the back of a head = Quarter back
What’s the Saying level 137 answer: An arc with a skyline behind + a blue circle = Arctic circle
What’s the Saying level 138 answer: Di and Et on a weight in balance = Balanced weight
What’s the Saying level 139 answer: Sugar spelled three times in green = Sugar cube
What’s the Saying level 140 answer: A man playing ball on a light bulb = Neon light
What’s the Saying level 141 answer: TTTT + 2x ear and corn = Forty years
What’s the Saying level 142 answer: A jar with something orange + a planet = Honeymoon
What’s the Saying level 143 answer: A rose and a guard and an “N” = Rose garden
What’s the Saying level 144 answer: Cut spelled above 9 x “Cut” = Cut above the rest
What’s the Saying level 145 answer: A finger pointing at the top of AM with you you below = Top of the morning to you
What’s the Saying level 146 answer: 10 ants = Tenant
What’s the Saying level 147 answer: 3 hands above a deck of cards = All hands on deck
What’s the Saying level 148 answer: A jack card inside a box = Jack in the box
What’s the Saying level 149 answer: The word fast crumbling = Breakfast
What’s the Saying level 150 answer: A be + a man crawling out a window = Believe
Congratulations! You have now completed all the available 150 levels of What’s the Saying!