Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Room Escape Floors Walkthrough Mobest Media

What a beautiful room but you need to get out ! the elevator door with 6 keyholes ? find all 6 keys easily in this room escape floors walkthrough a game by mobest media

RE floors

tap the clock and change the color into white – dark green – light green and get key
this colors are from the pillow on the sofa

that looks like a sharp puzzle on water dispenser ? there are 4 digit of numbers
but i can’t figure out code, i think it has something to do with the dart board
the numbers are : 7 6 8 ?? it’s missing 1 number does anyone can help ?

take a look on the dartboard for the green color : 9584
get the key ! (thx guys )
go to left
click the right plant and get a white cloth
remember the spoon on the table :
top left – right – bottom right – up
click below the bedroom and change the color into black and white like piano and get a hammer
click left side the bedroom to get sprayer, combine with the cloth
go to left and click the mirror to change the spoons direction to get a key
look at the piano and you will need 4 shape to get key
click the statue and use the hammer, then shake your phone / device to get key
fix the picture puzzle on the wall to get key
click the table on left and use the cloth to swipe for code :
lock – mail – sand time – circle
change the piano code and get your key

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