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4 pics 1 word answers with walkthrough All levels

List of solutions for what’s the word? game by lotum gmbh for your android device ! see the help cheat in 4 pics 1 word answers with walkthrough for each picture

Can you guess all words from random letters and photos hints to unlock all levels? Countless puzzles from easy to tricky are waiting for you!

whats the word cheat answer for each level :
1. bat : bat, bat in night, baseball bat, bat and ball
2. pair : hamburger, a shoe, 2 ladybugs, and socks
3. children : jumping kids, 2 kids writing, kids raising hand, 2 kids
4. black : owl, roulette board, panther, man in rain
5. jump : athletic jump, gril jump, snowboard jump, a person jum
6. water : bubble in water, watering tree, wave, shower
7. sign : white pen, black pen, wood sign, kangaroo sign
8. crane : 2 yellow crane, 2 birds
9. tie : man in suite, man holding 2 tie, knot, red ribbon
10. ball : soccer ball, basketball, golf ball

11. fish : fish, fishing dock, bait, food
12. sink : washing dish, reparing sink, a boat sinking, sinking boat
13. drink : woman drink coffee, cat drinking, girl drink water, baby drink milk
14. match : match on fire, matches, girl with tennis, tennis racket
15. date : calendar, man thinking woman, the fruit of the date palm, woman making a toast
16. new : green arrow, frame with ribbon, year clock, empty room
17. hot : frying pan on fire, fire mountain, dog with umbrella, couple in sauna
18. tip : money, whispering, money on plate, thumb sign
19. catch : fishing, playing baseball, mouse trap, man catching kid
20. cold : girl in sweater, iglo, ice, ice cream
21. wet : girl in shower, umbrella, pool
22. change : money, coffee with money, rail track, man from fat to medium
23. yellow : garden, yellow uniform, bees, lady with car
24. wide : harbour, river, girl feel free raising hand, man open mouth with finger
25. sour : lemon, cherries, girl eating porange, potato
26. push : man with 1 finger, push ups, girl exercise, kid playing yellow tractor toy
27. record : record player, microphone, stop watch, black record
28. book : girl holding pile of books, girl reading book, receptionist stamping hand, man reading
29. palm : hand and palm trees
30. old : old people with laptop, wood, pyramid, caveman symbols
whats the answer for these random letters on whats the word :
31. soft : girl in snow, teddy bear, girl touching face, girl after bath
32. red : clown, grape, blood on tube, red hair girl
33. code : barcode, combination lock, black dressed ladies, magnifying glass lens “VIRUS”
34. down : feathers, pillow, red falling stock, downstairs
35. mix : color splash, pressing button, glass with color, color candies
36. tear : girl with tear, rope teared, paper in pieces, broken wall
37. loud : dog with headphone, woman shouting on man, rock concert, baby crying
38. morning : coffee, couple waking up, sun rising, bread
39. alarm : fire alarm, fire sign, guard dog, laser guarding safe
40. rock : mountain, rockstar, rock, baby sleeping
41. right : arrow sign, scale, green tick, A+
42. game : block game, chess, ball, playing console
43. sad : 2 girl with sad face, monkey, man thinking
44. row : rowing a boat, cinema seat, line of people
45. big : whale, kid, cleaning giant shoe, huge gift
46. card : paper card, credit card, map with pin, 3 aces
47. hiphop : girl dancing, man with hood, boy holding radio, fifty cent
48. rich : sack of money, big house, gold bar, yellow car
49. dry : corn, dessert, vegetables hanging, clothes hanging
50. can : 3 type of cans and 1 food

51. pull : a group pulling rope, man dragging, girl exercise, horse toy
52. vacuum : vacuum, pressure clock, girl cleaning car, sardine can
53. slow : racing snails, traffic jam, old couple, man pushing car
54. summer : palm tree, dog with umbrella, girl on pool, forest
55. lean : girl on chair, meat, girl with hand on head, man leaning on a tree
56. oil : food, color splash, fruit, spa massage
57. white : rose, car, snow, doctor
58. long : girl stretching, traffic jam, giraffe, long nails
59. round : earth, pregnant woman, yellow ball, basket ball
60. pole : iceberg, gymnastic girl, flag, cloud
61. cross : x mark, red cross on bag, crossing road, stone with cross symbol
62. fair : lady of justice, judge’s hammer, fairground ride, girl playing
63. heavy : elephant, weights, 2 mouse playing, man pulling cart
64. park : garden, road to building, girl getting a ticket, car parking
65. quiet : whispering, sleeping, shadow, girl with sshhh pose
66. plenty : screen, lot of white chair, flags, lot of people / crowds
67. cool : man on sweater, a boy with some clothes, block of ice cube, glass of water with lemon
68. wave : 2 waving hand, bird, and surfing waves
69. full : money in suitcase, beer, lot of vegetables and fruits on cart, fruit on crate
70. luck : 4 leaf clover, lucky horseshoe, stickies, 4 dice being rolled
whats the answer for these random letters on whats the word :
71. trunk : tree, elephant, dog, boy hugging tree
72. play : kid playing around, opera, football, playing guitar
73. blue : sea, girl with blue dress, sky, bird
74. gesture : thumbs up, ok hand sign, shhh hand sign, girl showing something
75. bill : money, girl counting with scale, money, shopping chart
76. light : sunlight, white room, bulb, girl
77. star : stars, red carpet, stars at night, VIP
78. green : man with binocular, alligato, ball on grass, tree
79. chest : opening suit, wooden box, chest box, naked girl
80. sports : baseball bat, balls, tennis, american football
81. pair : wwo burgers, shoes, 2 ladybugs, socks
82. fast : car, running, speedometer, cheetah
83. pound : money, girl waist with measuring tape measure, uk map, weighing scale
84. net : http://, www , tennis ball over net, net
85. address : http browser, door, woman with microphone, @ inside mailbox
86. high : man on high building, skyscrapers, mountain
87. hard : bike on mountain, rocks, 6 pack body, peanut
88. bass : bass note sign, fish, playing bass, a lot of bass guitar
89. collect : tiles with different color, shoes with box, postcards, girl with basket
90. fan : sports fan, fan, girl with long hair

91. bow : bow and arrow, girl bowing, wooden figure bowing
92. raw : sushi, egg yolk, pice of meat, cabbage
93. square : picture frame, cabinet, sheet with red and white pattern, race flag
94. present : girl with present box, man in suite, gift box, girl showing something
95. strong : coffee, ant with wood, muscle, boy with weights
96. rope : rope skipping, crane, window cleaner
97. trip : Hitchhikers and a train warning sign.
98. sweet : Sweets, baby, chocolate and dogs. Every ladies dream life?
99. train : Train and dog training.
100. summer : beach, dog with umbrella, girl on pool, forest
101. seasons : field of spring flowers, orange leaves, a girl holding cone, couple on a sled
102. spiral : dna, twisted stairs, swirls, tornado
103. emo : skulls with bows, sad person in the rain, girl sitting on a guys lap, girl in black skirt and shirt
104. dot : 3 dice, women cloth, .com, a pattern
105. arm : hand, woman with axe, 4 people stretching, 3 knight
whats the answer for these random letters on higher stages :
106. key : key, keyboard, house and key
107. handshake, milkshake, glass and bottle, woman want to handshake
108. coat : man in coat, woman in fur coat, wall painting, peacock feather
109. bluff : lake, man jumping between 2 hill, man holding card
110. halo : planet with ring, man with ring above, girl with halo headband, bulb
111. tree : leaf, tree wood, trees
112. glass : pouring water, man with glass, cleaning wiper, building window
113. USA : liberty statue, hawk, burger french fries and cola, dollar
114. roll : toilet paper, newspaper, vegetable, dice rolling
115. france : dog with hat holing wine and bread, eiffel tower, a building, statue holding france flag
116. line : running track, paper line, girl with headphone, road
117. curl : curly hair, roll film, some tape
118. barrel : oil spilled, gun, sniper, can in wood
119. file : paper file, mp3 file, finger pressing
120. box : lot of cardboard, man giving box, man with glove box, boxing
121. bar : gold, chocolate, people drinking, coctain shaker
122. float : man in space, astronaut
123. snow : land with snow, house on snow, people ski, snowman
124. mouse : computer mouse, mouse, mouse trap
125. letter : dog with letter, envelope, alphabet letters, Y
126. back : man’s back, man sitting, girl with revealing back clothes, man looking back
127. zip : lips with zipper, zipper, ball with zip
128. italy : colosseum, pizza, venice boat, pisa tower
129. crank : cranks, people playing on foosball table
130. vowels : A, E, i, O

131. winter : girl with handkerchief, a couple with winter clothes, tea, snowman
132. grin : man holding magnifying glass to his teeth, girl smiling, man smiling, devil similng
133. music : girl with headphone, composer, music disc, music tone
134. math : man with board full of formula, boy and girl with math, abacus, calculator
135. face : eye, nose, mouth, ear
136. crown : king crown, tree, liberty statue, england flag
137. fly : hawk, man on sky, flies
138. walk : man holding hand, shoes, man with dog, model in fashion show
139. sleep : man sleeping on computer, baby sleeping, dog in bed, woman sleeping
140. suit : judge’s hammer, man in suit, woman in suid, deck of cards
141. house : building house, door house, chimney, room
142. balance : 2 man on rope, scale, rocks, girl on bike
143. ink : pen and ink, printer, pinter’s ink, inks
144. paint : paiting, color splash, girl painting, hand painting
145. bed : beds, gardens
146. pay : writing cheque, credit card, money, people queue
147. bark : dogs, love shape on tree, wood tree
148. stick : conductor’s stick, woman in witch costume, dog and woman fight over a stick, drumstick
149. clothes : man with glasses, jeans, girl clothes
150. kick : kicking ball, bicycle kick, karate kick, woman pregnant
151. narrow: man in suite, man circled with rope, buildings, door
152. beat : people in concert, heart beat, girl punch
153. deck : cards, chairs on boat
154. minute : clock, egg hatch with baby chick, stopwatch
155. sand : beach, sand beach, desert
search for the keyword to get the letter combination of whats the answer from the random letters :
156. open : man on beach, playing tennis, open bottle
157. cast : broken hand, man fishing, hand putting paper to box
158. shoot : shooting arrow, kicking ball, photographer, kid with catapult
159. block : karate, building, cheese bread, kids playing blocks
160. club : playing golf, concert, football, clubbing
161. leaves : train, tree leaves, exit sign, man carrying briefcase
162. track : footprint, running track, train tracks, shoe print
163. lift : man lifting girl, penguin lifting, man lifting box, doll
164. stage : sun, weeks, opera stage
165. lead : 2 man in snow, pencil, car, woman writing on board
166. bust : statue, woman breast, woman standing
167. carrier : mosquito, holding shopping bag, pigeon with mail, aircraft carrier
168. grand : grand canyon, piano, road
169. chip : potato, casino chip, chip on circuit
170. state : country state, chemical bottle, world map
171. pick : girl picking nose, man choosing shirt, man picking ice
172. seal : seal, seal sign, sealing note
173. grain : wood, sugar, oat, flour
174. course : people learning, playing golf, man and woman with computer
175. flush : 2 rabbit, card, toilet flush, money
176. grill : car, grilling, man pointing
177. stuff : chicken with usa flag, man with clothes, kid eating noodle
178. ace : ace cards, playing tennis, tennis ball on fire
179. smoke : smoking, smoke from factory, lemon, fire on woods
180. space : view to building, world space, crowds with single red stickman, keyboard

181. butt : donkey, girl press man butt, man with his back side
182. perform : surgery, singing, opera, chimistry
183. links : man buttoning shirt, chain, http://, hand pointing dot
184. fire : fire, gun, man taling to woman, fireman
185. cell : cellphone, battery, body cell
186. amp : guitar amp, amperemeter, stereo box
187. load : girl holding box, many items inside car, sand time button
188. punk : punk hair, anarchy, girl with guitarr
189. shape : girl running, frame, pottery, ruler
190. draw : 2:2 score, drawing, holding gun, sun
191. sole : kicking ball, shoes on table
192. iron : golf ball and stick, man ironing clothes, a machine
193. edge : kitchen knife, man and woman on mountain, razor
194. cup : couple with drinking, bra, cake, man in suite
195. fit : old man and man, man fitting show, old couple, girl eating grape
196. costume : clown, kid in cowboy suit, dog with hat, girl in mask
197. wind : girl with white dress, kid playing toy, windmills
198. degrees : thermometer, ruler, graduation throwing hat, compass
199. torch : monster with torch, man running with torch, match stick on fire
200. flash : photographer with camera, lightning, yellow lightning
list whats the answer of the words from 4 picture :
201. choice : man with devil and ange, man with 3 arrows, woman with apple and cupcake, green tick
202. spell : witch, voodoo doll, HELLO, frog with crown
203. car : tire, steering, car engine, exhaust
204. read : news, 2 girls reading, pile of newspapers,parents reading with kid
205. hand : girl hand, clocks hand, man holding cards with shhhh posture
206. plan : to-do list : be better, paper with graphic, formula on white board, man thinking
207. dictate : man with green army suit, woman speaking to man, girl holding recorder, guy pointing with 2 girls
208. check : man touch green check mark, woman holding paper, chess pieces on board
209. capital : B, white house, eiffel tower, dice : NEWS
210. burn out : motor with smoke from behind, matches, sleeping on work, man with hand on head
211. produce : factory, vegetables, city
212. clutch : boy holding foot, changing car gear, group of people, woman purse
213. service : church, hotel bellboy, army
214. home : frame with couple, baseball, house, baseball yard
215. capture : photographer, man with handcuffs, mouse trap
216. action : film board, man with gun, man running
217. joint : doll, hand holding knee, hand with request gesture
218. charm : blonde girl smiling, woman, piggy bank with dice, 4 leaf clover
219. tag : sale, family with kids playing, discount card
220. blubber : seal, girl crying, food, baby crying

221. private : girl whispering to guy, a chain locked files, lips with zipper, gate
222. blood : infusion, mosquito, blood, vampire / dracula
223. traffic : traffic jam, green light
224. credit : the end : five seven, paper and pen
225. strike : bowling ball, air force, man punching
226. counter : man waiting in counter, playing basket ball, 5414 kw
227. sharp : glasses, razor cutting, shaving, knife
228. bellows : man with 2 hands cover the ears
229. snap : girl breaking, girl with hands on messy hair, finger snap, guy shock
230. medium : man look up, cloth size, food
231. indicate : backside car lights, kids measuring height
232. monarch : queen, butterfly
233. spot : man pointing girl taking picture, girl pressing her face acne, girl with telescope, spotlight
234. negative : girl sad, film tape, girl thumbs down, urine result
235. score : basket ball in ring, music note, paper score
236. lace : shoe lace, shoes
237. player : cd player, playing baseball
238. powder : girl brushing her cheek, powders
239. plug : sink hole, girl with white dress, plugs, red puzzle pieces
240. mantle : girl giving a jacket, fireplace, earth core, super boy with red cape
241. meter : measuring tape, parking meter, metering
242. bridge : bridge on lake, old couple, fake teeth, city view at night
243. chain : gear, girl holding chain, 3 girls, domino pieces
244. pinch : hand sow, guy pinching girl cheek, hand pinching the body
245. rule : unfair with un crossed, dog with ruler, man with red card, army general
246. rally : cars, demonstration
247. screen : girl with computer monitor, window paper, couple with monitor
248. assemble : kids raising hand, 4 icon of people with arrow, man on green field, car factory
249. ram : car crash, sheep, memory stick
250. goal : measuring tape on body, hockey goal, green check mark, football goal
list whats the answer of the words from 4 picture :
251. overkill : little girl pressing a toothpaste, hammer on egg, bunch of outlets connected to an extention cord, a lot of traffic signs
252. spray : spraying, skunk, water spray bottle
253. charge : line of people, charger, batteries, charging activity
254. divine : glowing light with statue, crystal ball, cross light, wood stick
255. clock : clocktower, girl pointing on watch, stopwatch, flower clock
256. pedal : boy learn riding bike, woman was sewing woman leg black and white, pump with meter
257. sweeten : spoon with sugar, honey, spoon with honey, add sugar to cup of coffe
258. socket : power plug socket, blue eye, body, skeleton x-ray with red hand joint
259. album : yellow background with text unplugged, lady and old woman, old photos, cd case
260. upset : 2 boxers, man angry with computer, 2 hockey players, man looking on laptop
261. strand : women pose black and white, DNA, shipwreck, bottle on beach
262. basic : paper with case word, girl thinking, 1+1=2, a tape
263. scavenge : garbage, junk, hyena, 2 man picking garbage item
264. conflict : 4 soldiers with gun, cartoon of woman and man fighting, woman thinking, man with devil and angel side
265. stamp : stamps, foot print, stamping logo, stamp mark

266. dream : man statue, woman sleep, woman thinking, couple laying down with house line on background
267. dominate : woman on top of man, running to finish line, horse racing, woman mount a man
268. strain : pink color circle with virus, man pulling iron, food pours into basin, rope
269. rage : angry man with smoke come out from ears, girl with shoes, angry woman
270. effect : ball with blue flames, glowing color stage, red color, spotlight with blue color
271. strip : man stripping with girl grapping his tie, white paper, plane take off, beach
272. guide : man and woman at office, group of people on snow, couple in front of church, girl scout
273. deal : shake hand, shuffle cards, house key, man sitting on phone
274. dull : girl with paper on head, yellow emoticon, single man on party, +1=3
275. rose : pink rose, red graphic pointing up, red roses, chart bar raising
276. tease : woman and man hair tied, 2 children teasing, girls laughing
277. brood : 2 kids, 5 yellow chicks, cartoon girl with purple cloth, chicken with eggs
278. stroke : woman with red hair, blue stroke, black stroke, playing tennis
279. couple : woman and man on pink blanket, 2 ring connected, old couple
280. converse : couple chat, kids talking with can line phone, red shoes, girl on phone

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