Monday, March 04, 2013

Tynon Hack Instant Training Cheat Engine

Tynon is a free to play, browser RPG online game developed by uCool, Inc. Tynon’s in-depth story campaign moves all around supporting the elite knight Rosaline to save the King, who is under an evil wizard’s spell, and safeguard the 13 kingdoms from dark magic. Gamers can use social networking sites to cooperate and construct, improve, and personalize their towns in Tynon. This Tynon Hack give you the capacity to immediate training of troops

Tynon Hack Instant Training Tutorial

Tynon Hack Instant Training Need:
  • Firefox or Any Browser
  • Cheat Engine
Note: This Tynon Hack works only if play on The First Epic Webgame – Tynon site
  1. Start CheatEngine and Select your browser process
  2. Go to in Tynon and Train
  3. Scan for 43200
  4. Hold shift and click first addres and after that final address
  5. Click the red arrow
  6. Modify all Address to 1
  7. Now you can Train Instant

Tynon Hack Instant Training Screenshot

Tynon Hack Instant Training

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