Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pet City Hack App 1.0 Pet Coins Generator Green Cash Generator

Social gaming space is wrought with titles that mimic the success of older applications, successful and often is not even the courtesy of subtlety. At first glance, the Pet City seems to fit into this category, work strikingly similar to Playfish’s Pet Society. However, while the main elements of the game are more or less the same, new title actually comes with a number of concepts that make it feel a bit more special.
Virtual Pet Game, jump into the world of creating anthropomorphic Pet City Critter-person variations cute and fuzzy. For this, the only task is to take care of them and live a virtual life, friends visiting, playing mini-games and digital decorating domu.2D setup as Pet Society or PetVille, the game is basically like a flattened version of The Sims, only prettier.



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Name: Pet City Hack App 
Version: 1.0
Size: 2.7MB
Price: Free
Total Downloads: 1387


  1. Download and launch Hack Tool
  2. Select hacks
  3. Click “Start” and wait few seconds
  4. Enjoy! Come back to game

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