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[Release] Rei - WarZ ESP Overlay Hack new free 2013 Hack

Hello UnknownCheats community!
I'm not to big on cheating as it takes the fun out of the game. But I ran into a small problem like many others. The game was filled with cheaters. So to keep alive for more than 2min I created a simple player ESP hack, thanks to all the help I got from the UnknownCheats community. Another problem I ran into was the anti cheat Screenshot system. It was easy to get around, again with the help of everyone. But I did not want to make a mistake if they updated the Screenshot system. So I coded it as an overlay.

Beta v0.1
- Release
Beta v0.1a
- Health bar
- Toggle All - Arrow key up
- Toggle map - Arrow key Down
- Toggle Crosshairs - Arrow key Left
- Toggle Lines - Arrow key Right
- Change Text Size - Page up
- Change Text Size - Page Down

- Player ESP
+Health Bar
- Crosshair

- Mini Map
- Item ESP (We will see)

- DirectX Framework http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downl...ils.aspx?id=35
- C++ Framework http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downl...s.aspx?id=5555 (missing msvcp100.dll?)
- WarZ in Windows Mode
- WarZ must be maximized, so it takes up the full screen (Could fix this...)
- Rei.exe and Ayanami.dll in the same folder (Check you AV if you are missing one or the other)
- Vista + (This will not work on Windows xp)
- Windows cannot be Basic or standard, unless you install Aero Enabler Video (Black Screen of Death)

How to make it Work:
1)Run Rei.exe ingame for the best performance.
-You can run Rei at any point, before you start the game or even in game.
2)If you see Rei in the bottom left-hand corner its working!
-If you start the hack b4 WarZ you will see nothing until WarZ is running

Read B4 You Post:
1) Read this full post!
2) This hack draws in another window (overlay) to get around the anti cheat screenshots
3) Using another injector will not work, as the main hack is not in the dll
4) If you dont see anyone, its b/c no one is around you (550m to 600m)
5) This hack does not have item ESP
6) You do not need to run this hack as admin, if you do you must run it b4 you start WarZ (or Black Screen of DEATH!)
7) This hack does not work on emulators

Thanks to:

Use at your own risk. At this point in time the hack in undetected, but all player actions are logged server side. Therefore this hack is undetected if used responsibly.

- This hack is not fully out of process, it still inject a dll.
- The hack is in beta, its still buggy
- Tested on Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8

If you have an error please post with the fallowing information
- Windows Version (xp sp3, vista, win7, win8) (run winver)
- Direct X Version (run dxdiag.exe, just search for it)
- WarZ Version
- The Steps you took
- Anything else you think is relevant

Got The Black Screen Of Death?
You must install Aero Enabler if your not running pro or premium windows.
- Download Aero Enabler
- Youtube Video


Download: V0.1 UnKnoWnCheaTs - Multiplayer Game Hacks and Cheats - Rei - WarZ ESP Overlay Hack v0.1
Download: V0.1a [UnKnoWnCheaTs - Multiplayer Game Hacks and Cheats - Rei - WarZ ESP Overlay Hack v0.1a

Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/file/f733...is/1359250278/

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